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Version 4.7 of VDE, VDE+Images and ImagEntry Now Available

Version 4.7 of VDE, VDE+Images and ImagEntry is available. This release contains security and user interface enhancements for all products. Some of these features were introduced in Version 4.61. Highlights of this release are:

All Products

  • Ability to copy and paste to and from the Windows clipboard is now supported.
  • New "Administrator" user type has been added with the ability to perform upgrades, create/update user accounts and set password requirements.
  • The user interface has been standardized and streamlined to adhere to Windows system standards. For example, error messages are now dismissed with an "OK" button instead of "RESET".

VDE and VDE+Images

  • Batch numbers may now include alphabetic characters.
  • Option to use Menu forms for batch number entry and the "Forms Change" function is now available.
  • DO/UNTIL actions have been added to file conversion utility for defining a set of conversion actions to be repeated a variable number of times.
  • An optional parameter has been added to the command line version of the file conversion utility to define the length of time to display the status box.
  • New field edits for scrolling records are now available that test for dups and assign scroll line numbers.
  • The VDE batch management utility has been redesigned to combine all of the batch functions onto a single multi-function dialog.


  • An option was added to the class options file to limit batch access to one user per keying mode at any given time.
  • A CSV file option can now be selected for the Job Status report.
  • Enhancements were made to the batch restage function.
  • The Batch Delete dialog has been enhanced to include a drop-down selection list of batches and a batch status display window.

Customers may download our products from our FTP server. Please contact our technical support team to request a download.