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Viking Scanner Module

Viking Scanner Module Setup Dialog

Viking Scanner Module (VSM) Features

  • Scan list file: Viking Scanner Module creates a text file with all scanning results. A new scan list file can be generated every day or for every batch scanned. There is one record in the list for each image. Each record contains the image file path, image file name, image file page, document ID, batch number, sequence number, and the ASCII values from up to three bar codes.
  • Scan modes: Scan modes include monochrome, grayscale, color, and convert grayscale to monochrome. Images are stored as TIF or JPG files depending on the scan mode.
  • Resolution: VSM will scan documents at 200, 300, 400, or 600 DPI.
  • Adjustments: Adjustments can be made to brightness, contrast and threshold (for monochrome scanning).
  • Paper sizes: Users can choose between letter, legal, and A4 paper sizes or they can manually specify a custom size.
  • Bar Code Formats: VSM supports the use of several barcode formats including 3 of 9, 2 of 5, Barcode 128, Codabar, UPC_A EAN-13, 9 of 3, 2 of 5 IATA - International Airline Ticket Barcode All 1-D, and PDF417 - Standard.
  • Multipage images: VSM supports multiple-page TIFFs.
  • Patch Code Sep Sheets: VSM will test images during scanning for Patch codes to determine when to start a new batch and/or a new multiple-page document.
  • Duplexing: VSM supports duplexing for scanners that have this capability.
  • ADF/Flatbed: Users can use the module to select ADF (Auto Document Feeder) or flat-bed scanning for those scanners that have both options.
  • Other scanning options:
    • Negative (inverted)
    • Black border crop (if page is shorter or narrower than specified)
    • Auto deskew
    • Bar code search

Supported Scanners

Canon DR2080C Fujitsu fi-4530C Panasonic 855
Canon DR3020 Fujitsu M3091DC Panasonic KVS2055
Canon DR3060 Fujitsu M3092DC Panasonic KVS2065
Canon DR3080 Fujitsu M3093G Panasonic KVS6040
Canon DR3080C Fujitsu M3093G Panasonic KVS6045
Canon DR5020 Fujitsu M3096G Panasonic KVS6050
Canon DR5060F Fujitsu M3097D Panasonic KVS6055
Canon DR5080C Fujitsu M3097G Panasonic KVSS25
COPISCAN 4040D Fujitsu M3099GX Panasonic KVSS50
Fujitsu 3091 Fujitsu M4097D Panasonic KVSS55
Fujitsu 3092 Fujitsu M4099D Panasonic KVSS885
Fujitsu 3093DG Fujitsu M4750C Panasonic SS25
Fujitsu 3093G Fujitsu ScanPartner Series Panasonic SS50
Fujitsu 3096G FujitsuM3099GH Panasonic SS55
Fujitsu 3097DG Mitsubishi S600C Ricoh IS01
Fujitsu 3097G Panasonic 2025C Ricoh IS330DC
Fujitsu 3099DG Panasonic 20545C Ricoh IS410
Fujitsu 4097 Panasonic 2055 Ricoh IS420
Fujitsu 4099 Panasonic 2065 Ricoh IS450DE
Fujitsu 4750 Panasonic 6040 Ricoh IS450SE
Fujitsu fi-4120C Panasonic 6050 Ricoh IS50
Fujitsu fi-4220C Panasonic 6055 Ricoh IS60
Fujitsu fi-4340C    

Please contact Viking Software Solutions if your scanner is not represented here.