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DocWise is a sophisticated component-based document management solution. It can store virtually any type of electronic file—Word and Excel documents, scanned images, emails, faxes, XML, ERM reports— as objects, with a predefined structure so that they can be retrieved quickly by multiple users.


  • Access documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Transform paper into digital images.
  • Capture, index, store, manage, distribute.
  • Answer customer inquiries quickly.
  • Annotate electronically.
  • Build an image-based workflow.
  • Streamline processes.
  • Convert paper processes into e-processes.

Management Tools

  • Object Manager, the heart of the new product, indexes, stores and retrieves any electronic object. Object Manager defines storage and storage class rules, object types and hierarchy, indexing and search categories, users/groups, security and desktop applications.
  • Server Manager is the administrative tool to manage servers and components, add, remove, configure and monitor components, and schedule tasks.


Server Components

  • dwImport: high-speed import component; continually polls the scanning output directory for images to import into the DocWise system. dwIMPORT is multi-threaded, and can support multiple scanners simultaneously.
  • Object Server: manages electronic objects; the main component of DocWise, running in the Windows Server. Object Server is configurable, and creates an Audit Log file to track system activity. Object Server also includes a Task Scheduler for scheduling recurring system tasks or performing them on demand.
  • Database Interface: links to SQL Server
  • Storage Interfaces: control storage

Client Components

  • dwWeb Thin Client: browser-based, using Internet Explorer; search, retrieve, view, print
  • Configurable desktop client: create, index, store, annotate, email; optional: fax, process work item
  • dwIndex: index-from-image application

Our Business Partner, iDox Solutions, Inc.

iDoxSolutions, Inc., headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, is an experienced and results oriented small business specializing in providing imaging, document management and process automation solutions and services for the federal government. iDox works closely with customers to provide integrated, comprehensive solutions for the most challenging business problems. iDox provides the total solution from initial planning and design services, to systems integration and development, training and support. iDox is a reseller of Viking’s software products for the federal government as well as other sectors. Together, these two companies are dedicated to creating superior customized solutions for their mutual customers.

DocWise is flexible and scalable: runs on a single NT server or across multiple servers; stores documents on magnetic disk, RAID arrays, optical drives, jukeboxes, etc.; integrates easily with other systems and applications. It uses Windows security and has seven levels of access rights built in. Configuration is easy with point and click, drag and drop, and pull-down menus.