Viking Software Solutions


A complete solution for health claim processing

Product Features

  • Minimizes the cost of processing paper transactions
  • Processes tens of thousands of pages per day
  • Supports a variety of scanners
  • Processes simple and complex documents
  • Intelligent field recognition, OCR/ICR, and key from image
  • On-line mainframe interaction
  • Image archive and retrieval with DocWise
  • Flexible and customizable business rules

Managing the adjudication of claims

ImageMC++ is a highly advanced solution designed to maximize the auto-adjudication of claims. The rapid availability of electronic image and data, coupled with extensive rules-base processes, accelerates the handling of those claims that do not immediately auto-adjudicate and improves the efficiency of customer service functions.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Claims with invalid fields are routed to Data Perfection for repair. A field is invalid if the data does not pass one of the business rules or the OCR/ICR engine fails to recognize a character with high confidence. After the knowledge worker has corrected the errors, the transaction is placed in the completed queue for output to the host system.

More than a system … a solution

ImageMC++ is more than a general imaging/workflow system; it has been uniquely crafted to address the specific needs of claim processing operations. It combines highly productive claim processing functions with responsive yet low-cost customer service capabilities. With over six years of industry-specific consulting and implementation experience behind them, system designers have incorporated all the special features and details that set this solution apart from general-purpose products. ImageMC++ has proven its flexibility and efficiency through extensive testing and refinement based on numerous real-world installations. The result is a system that delivers rapid implementation, speed and unmatched operational effectiveness.

Download the ImageMC++ product brochure here.