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LifeWorks: Fixed Problems

The release level is changed whenever a customer is sent a new version with a bug fix, and is frequently for only the platform used by the customer. Many fix level releases will not include any new features. Also, we are continually adding diagnostic aids to enable us to more rapidly pinpoint the cause of problems that may be encountered by customers. Documented here are highlights of recent fixes. More detail is found in the on-line file $W/docs/README.DIF.

LWK01.24 (including interim releases LWK01.23.1 through LWK01.23.5)

  • Intermittent “DATABASE ERROR” messages in systems using MultiWorks and Pseudo Nodes.
  • $COPY could cause a “seg fault” when copying to the OS on some platforms.
  • Supervisor functions now completely logged.
  • During the changeover of DISAM versions, the maximum number of index sets allowed (24) and the maximum size of a key (180) were incorrect.

LWK01.23 (including interim releases LWK01.22.1 through LWK01.22.4)

  • For some, but not all, functions if a password was entered unsuccessfully 3 times in a row then this was considered a successful entry of the password.
  • The menu interface can be used to access supervisory functions. If OPERATORS,USERID is not used, then a user could use the menu interface to delete information and NOT be asked for the supervisor password, if one is defined.
  • For some supervisor functions, if the user is not a supervisor (per OPERATORS,USERID) but knows the supervisor password, the function is allowed. With this release a new behavior model is introduced when OPERATORS,USERID is in use. See Supervisor Functions and Security for more detail.
  • $EDIT now requires that the job password be entered for the OPEN and CREATE statements.
  • If the Mode key is pressed when the supervisor password is requested in Mode X,K, the user was logged out.
  • Additional fixes were made to correct errors that occurred in a “pseudonodes” operation.
  • Changes were made in support of a particular 9-track tape device for the UnixWare platform, including the addition of statements for the $W/text/lwoptions file. See $W/docs/README.DIF and $W/text/lwoptions.doc for more information.
  • $COPY $NODE would fail if there were no users logged on to the remote system’s LifeWorks Data Entry.
  • Several fixes to $SORT which could result in data loss in the output file.


  • The upgrade to the new DISAM96 in LWK01.21 did not detect unique usage of a DISAM feature by the RJE subsystem.


  • Prior to this release, there could be problems with LWmaint at installations using MultiWorks and the Pseudo Node features. Running LWmaint in a partition could cause a “works2” process to fail in another partition if it were accessing data in the LWmaint partition. LWmaint will now detect this situation and not run, reporting the reason. LWmaint will now also not run if LWconfig is running.
  • IXREAD arguments expected by UBAM were not as documented when using MicroFocus COBOL (they were correct for RM-COBOL). The product was changed to match the documentation. The sample program $W/formats/ubtest.cbl was changed to match the new code.
  • The IDLELOGOFF feature could leave a batch with “READ” status. This happened when a transfer of control to a subroutine in a supervisor command string ($INCLUDE) or a $EDIT program (CALL statement) occurred and the procedure was waiting on operator input. The original batch had the “READ” status left on requiring LWmaint to clear.


  • A problem was introduced in LWK01.20 where if a format is waiting for the release of exclusive index set access for more than one minute, the format would abort with an error.
  • The install could fail if the /etc/group file had records exceeding 2048 characters. This happens when the installation has many of users in a single group, most likely, “works”.