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LifeWorks: Release Notes (LWK01.24)

Changes in IBM Communications

  • This item does not apply for the UnixWare platform (see the web site Technical Note on Platform Specific Configuration for RJE). Release LWK01.18.6 changed the implementation and user requirements for EXPRESS SNA/RJE data transmission. LifeWorks Data Entry now creates a file in the $W/rje/pipes directory, with a unique name beginning with the form “JOBPRO_XXXXX”, where JOBPRO is the name of the special LifeWorks Data Entry Job Profile. In addition, that Job Profile must be redefined with Source Type=file, Source Name set to “%1” without the quotes, and Auto Delete selected. Note that EXPRESS may not do the Auto Delete without the installation of a patch.
  • If using RJE, the EXPRESS Job Entry Station (JES) definition must NOT specify AutoActivate. Rather, you can specify, in LWconfig, that the host is to “start automatically”. EXPRESS must be running before LifeWorks Data Entry RJE is initialized, and LifeWorks Data Entry RJE must cause the JES to be started, otherwise data could be lost or the connection between the products will get out of synchronization.