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LifeWorks: Release Notes (LWK01.24)


  • Make sure you have read and understand the notes at the beginning of this document. You may want to review the installation instructions since the upgrade is installed in the same manner. If you are upgrading from a very old release, prior to LWK01.16b, you must also upgrade to a new release of MPS.
  • As of release LWK01.17.2, it is no longer required that the product be removed prior to installing a new release. The install scripts detect the current installation and adapt to an upgrade.
  • For SVR4-based OSs, the system file /var/sadm/install/admin/default may contain “instance=unique,” which should be changed to “instance=overwrite” to allow the upgrade to be applied. Also, if /var/tmp is a file system, pkgadd may fail because it needs more blocks than are available. It may be possible to unmount /var/tmp if there are enough blocks in the root or /var filesystems.
  • For AIX you will need to override the default smit settings “AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software?” and “OVERWRITE same or newer versions?” to allow the upgrade.

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