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LifeWorks: Release Notes (LWK01.24)

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you back up $W before attempting an upgrade, especially on AIX.

  • IMPORTANT: All upgrades from a release prior to LWK01.20 require that the program LWlicupgrade be first installed and run with the new license codes supplied. The LWlicupgrade can be downloaded from the ftp site or is supplied with the product media. In either case, it must be installed into $W/bin and have execute permission for all.
  • IMPORTANT: The format of the product package for SVR4-based platforms (Solaris, UnixWare and Motorola 88K) is now a datastream, and is no longer a directory structure. This eliminates a step in the installation/upgrade process, but it also may cause pkgadd to fail if there is not enough room in the /var/tmp file system. Further details are found below in the installation steps.
  • There is a new default system behavior regarding the execution of Supervisor Commands. See other documents on the web site for details.
  • There has been a change in the implementation of Mode P,D (for Displaying and Changing Print Definitions). Formerly, Mode P,D would only Display information. Any changes had to be made via the Menu System or $SETPRINT commands. Now Mode P,D will allow changes to be made. If OPERATORS,USERID is in effect, then the user must be defined as a Supervisor to make changes.

After installation and prior to running LWconfig, see the README files in the directory {install directory}/docs for valuable information not found in the manuals or the Software Release Guide (SRG). Also, numerous optional capabilities are documented in the file $W/text/lwoptions.doc. These Release Notes provide mostly installation information not included elsewhere.

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