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LifeWorks: Network (Site) Licensing

A new type of licensing, referred to as a network (or site) license, was introduced with release LWK01.15. This type of license allows two or more systems on a network running LifeWorks Data Entry to flexibly allocate licensed users among the systems. This capability is particularly desirable to allow one or more systems in the network to take on extra users in the event of a system failure.

  • The LifeWorks Data Entry License Activation document that is issued for a network license will indicate a Number of nodes greater than one. The number of users specified is for the entire network.
  • When the Tracking number and Activation key are entered into LWlicense (perhaps during the install), if it is a network license, the program will prompt for the node name(s) of the other systems in the network. This information is stored in the system options file, $W/text/lwoptions, in the NETWORK LICENSE section. LWlicense must be run on all systems in the network using the same Tracking number and Activation key, but the node names would include all but the name of the current system. If the node names are not entered via LWlicense, they can be manually inserted into $W/text/lwoptions with any editor, or the software will automatically discover other nodes and record them in $W/text/lwoptions.
  • The nodes in the network exchange information about the number of users currently active. The customer may configure the maximum number of users for each system, but as with a single node license, when the maximum number of licensed users is reached, an attempt to exceed that limit will result in the message: Maximum number of users already in LifeWorks Data Entry; Press any key to exit
  • If a system fails, the licenses that were in use will be freed automatically allowing those users to attach to another system. The other systems must have been configured, or will need to be reconfigured, to handle the additional number of users.