Viking Software Solutions

API & Portal

The API (Application Programming Interface) tool kit enables you to add functionality to VDE+Images, VDE and ImagEntry. With API, you can customize a VDE, VDE+Images, or ImagEntry keying application by modifying the exit routines and creating new field edit routines. This is a simple way to add flexible and powerful features to your data entry applications.

API libraries contain subroutines that are called from user-written program modules. The subroutines perform all of the required screen-related functions. These subroutines are categorized as follows:

  • Field Edit—Checks and validates data fields as you enter them
  • Display—Displays messages on the screen
  • Utility—Alters current settings
  • Forms—Query Interrogates your form set
  • Accumulator—Performs arithmetic functions on data fields
  • Exit—Includes General Exit, ImagEntry Exit, and VDE Exit routines

PORTAL is an application development tool for non-Windows platforms (e.g., DOS, Unix, Linux, VMS, AIX, etc.) to speed the creation of applications requiring intelligent interactive screens and accurate input. The Viking Portal is a doorway that lets key-entered data come into your applications.

PORTAL provides the tools required to develop application programs that run on a wide variety of computers and operating systems. PORTAL-based programs automatically support most popular monitors and terminals. PORTAL assures that applications will work on many of today’s computer platforms and most future computers.

PORTAL features facilities for eliminating data errors. Data validations at the character level, field level and at the screen completion level help eliminate erroneous data as it is being keyed. Re-key verify mode is available for applications where data integrity is especially important. No matter how you need to validate and check your data, PORTAL gives you the capabilities you need to build superior applications.