Thank you for viewing the ImagEntry Preview.

As you have seen, ImagEntry is easy to use; data entry supervisors can develop ImagEntry forms. You won’t need consultants or an in-house developer. ImagEntry provides the fastest and most accurate method for correcting errors and filling the gaps in your ICR/OCR/OMR data. ImagEntry will easily integrate into your existing image system. You can select the best scanner, the best recognition engine, etc. to create the best system for your needs. ImagEntry performs the edits and validations required for accuracy whether you are keying all of the data from the image or image index information. ImagEntry is designed for speed—you can key as fast or faster as for paper images. ImagEntry is flexible; you can choose entry screen layouts, data validations, error/help messages, and output formats.

This preview presents only a few ImagEntry features. If you would like to see more, sign up for a 30-day free trial by completing the online evaluation form. The trial is a complete system—nothing is disabled or removed. Or you may contact a Viking sales representative to arrange for a web conference demonstration.

If ImagEntry isn’t a good fit for your organization, please preview our other data entry products: VDE for keying from paper documents and VDE+Images for keying from paper or from images of unstructured documents.

Thank you for your interest in Viking products.