Thank you for viewing the VDE Preview.

You have just seen how easy it is to create an application. VDE is designed so that keyers can realize their potential; they can enter data at much faster rates than is possible when using traditional database or spreadsheet methods. It has features that reduce and even eliminate data errors at the character, field, and record level. It is modular: you can add key-from-image functionality whenever you’re ready. For more information, view the VDE+Images preview.

This preview presents only a few VDE features. If you would like to see more, sign up for a 30-day free trial by completing the online evaluation form. The trial is a complete system—nothing is disabled or removed. Or you may contact a Viking sales representative to arrange for a web conference demonstration.

If VDE isn’t a good fit for your organization, please preview our other data entry products: ImagEntry for keying from images and VDE+Images for keying from paper or from images of unstructured documents.

Thank you for your interest in Viking products.